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Sepang Indians v Port Dickson Chinese, Sunday 8th August 2016, 6pm

November 2, 2016


I’ve driven past Sepang Field a few times now, generally on the way from Lukut to the airport. It’s an enjoyable drive through an area that’s mainly palm oil plantations and it has a couple of areas where you are pretty much guaranteed to see monkeys by the side of the road.


On this occasion though it was a football game that caught my eye and so I turned off the main road and parked up behind one of the goals to take a look.


Sepang Field doesn’t have a stand of any sort, although it does have a dozen or so benches along one side of the pitch. Nobody was using the benches though and so I stood behind a goal to get a bit more information as to what was going on.


The fellas next to me were happy to fill me in on the details. It was a veterans game for over forties, a pre-season friendly between Sepang Indians and Port Dickson Chinese. As Indians from Sepang, they were supporting the home side. I didn’t see anyone who looked Chinese in the twenty-five strong crowd.


Sepang appeared to have the better players and they combined well to set up some decent one-on-one chances against the Port Dickson keeper who had eschewed  official kit in favour of a Mario Ballotelli tee-shirt. I doubt the trend will catch on. Not unless Mario himself decides that he fancies a stint in goal at whatever club he’s at now.


In another break from tradition, the linesman were signalling by waving with bibs rather than flags. They were a bit lax with the offsides, perhaps because they were often twenty yards away from where they needed to be.


Despite the home side’s dominance, it was a goal apiece by the time I left half-way through the first half. It’s not the level of football that gets reported anywhere so I doubt we’ll ever know how it ended.