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Skanstes v JDFS Alberts, Sunday 13th November 2022, 1pm

November 16, 2022

Whilst the top-tier Virsliga had reached its conclusion the previous day, there was still a round of fixtures remaining in the next league down. I’d had a look to see what was nearby and there was a choice between a game a few minutes on from the Skonto stadium that we’d been to the day before and one in the opposite direction, a little further away and over the river. On the basis that we hadn’t yet crossed the river I picked that one.

We had a decent view of the old town from the bridge including some of the big churches that we’d had a look inside. Once over the river, it was a little more modern and after forty-five minutes walking we arrived at the location for the stadium. Or at least we would have done if there had been a stadium there.

I asked a fella coming out of a house if there was a football ground nearby and his bemused look told me all I needed to know. We retraced our steps back across the bridge and I headed for the other option. Jen had done enough walking and so she made her way back to the apartment.

The route to the Hanzas Vidusskolas Laukums ground took me past the Russian Embassy and up to the Skonto stadium again. A further few hundred metres on I spotted the game, albeit on the opposite side of the road to that indicated on my phone. The scoreboard revealed that we were almost an hour into the game and it was level at one each.

I couldn’t see a way in from the side of the road and so had to make my way past the pitch and turn the corner before finding an entrance on the far side. Nobody was taking any money at that late stage, although I doubt that anyone will have had to pay at any time. There were three rows of seats along one side of the artificial pitch and I made my way around behind the goal and sat down. I’d estimate that there were maybe sixty people or so watching.

One team were in black and orange, with the other in grey and black. I didn’t bother asking anyone which was which as I was hoping that a further goal would solve the identification issue. There were plenty of chances in the final twenty minutes, but they all went begging and I finished none the wiser as to the team’s identities.

It was good to tick off a second Latvian stadium though, even if it meant a twenty-five thousand step day. With their leagues running from March to November I’m tempted to go back in the summer and take in some games outside of Riga.