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Spartans U15 v Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic U15, Sunday 15th May 2022, 3.30pm

May 28, 2022

When I’d headed up to Edinburgh that morning, I’d no idea that I’d get to see three fixtures in the same day. This bonus game was on the adjoining pitch at Ainslie Park, and I stumbled upon it when I went for a half-time slash. Spartans, in white and red, were the home side and entertaining Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic in an under fifteens game.

I didn’t ask anyone the score but saw one Spartans goal whilst stood pitch side. There were around forty people watching, presumably mainly parents although with the main game wanting eight quid to get in perhaps some were just waiting for half-time when they could go in for free.

I later watched some of the game from the embankment in the main stadium, casting an eye over whenever the cup final action slowed for injury treatment, but I didn’t see any further goals. It’s another ground to add to the list though, taking my total of new grounds to three that day and four hundred and thirty-seven in total.