Santa Rosaria Women v Stockholm Women, Thursday 13th April 2023, 5.15pm

Jen and I had decided to have a week in Spain and flew into Malaga. We were staying up in the hills about an hour inland, but on this particular day it was a bit too warm for going for a walk. Instead, we headed to the seaside town of Fuengirola with a plan to stroll along the seafront, ideally with the odd shaded section.

I wasn’t too impressed with what we saw of Fuengirola or the seafront and a couple of hours later with the necessary ten thousand steps in the bank we made our way back to where we were staying. When passing Cartama, Jen spotted a game going on in a stadium below the motorway. There was a handy exit and so I pulled off to have a look.

The game was at the Ciudad Deportiva de Cartama, home of CD Cartama. It had a main covered stand but no facilities for spectators on the other three sides of the pitch. There was a running track and it looked as if the place was geared up primarily for track and field rather than football. We took a seat in the main stand alongside fifteen or so other people.

A nearby fella filled me in. It was a women’s game between a local side from Santa Rosario and a team from Stockholm that were on a tour of the area. The Swedes, in navy, looked the better side but the Spanish women, in white and green, were holding their own at nil-nil.

We had plans, so didn’t watch for too long before heading off.

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