Northallerton Town v Penrith, Wednesday 20th October 2021, 7.45pm

I very nearly went to the Boro game this evening, but in the end couldn’t really get excited about another Riverside game that I knew I wouldn’t be able to distinguish from all the others that I’ve been to. Sad really, but I think I’ve moved on from caring about the result of games that I watch and once you’ve done that then there’s little reason to watch your team.

As an alternative Jen and I headed off to Northallerton’s Calvert Stadium for their ninth-tier Northern League Division One fixture with Penrith. It was six quid each in and I was soon relieved of my change in return for a programme and a 50:50 ticket.

I’d had my tea before I came out so didn’t bother with any food but saw one fella eating a roast dinner in a tray that, I think, was four quid something. Pretty good value if it was. Certainly better value than my half-time cup of tea that set me back a pound-seventy.

There were plenty of seats in the main stand and we were able to find an unobscured view of both goals. We could have sat further along at tables or, if we had known about it, in a hospitality lounge for twenty-five quid each.

Northallerton, in black and white, were fourth from bottom of the table with Penrith, in red, one place below. Penrith had the best of the first half and missed a great chance just before the break that would have put them three-one up.

One of the Penrith defenders had a bit of a childcare issue and had to spend half-time looking after his three kids. The youngest, who looked about five, wasn’t happy at all about his Dad having to go back onto the pitch at the restart and was even less impressed when his Dad was too far from the touchline to be able to return his ball that he had kicked onto the pitch after play had restarted.

Penrith got that third goal in the second-half, but a late fightback from Northallerton made it three-each at the death.

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