South Africa v Argentina, Saturday 8th August 2015, 5pm


Id like to think I’m a pretty quiet person who doesn’t cause any annoyance to anyone. Maybe that’s not the case though. I remember being told off by Johnny Bramwell for talking at the back of a Kloot gig at The Knights in Middlesbrough a few years ago. That’s fair enough I suppose.

Mind you, he told me off at a more recent gig in Crewe as well for leaving before the end. Jen and I had been sat on a sofa right at the front of his Square One gig, but after being there for four hours and getting through a bottle of wine in each of those hours, I was feeling ready for bed.

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Apart from Johnny though, nobody ever tells me off. Except that is for the Afrikaner bloke in front of Tom and I at the Springboks game. Apparently we were laughing too much in our conversation. To be fair, the Kings Park Stadium was like a library, but it’s a rugby game! You go to the rugby for a drink and a laugh. We were only halfway through our first jugs as well, the miserable git.


Considerate fellas that we are, Tom and I limited the laughing to whenever Argentina scored a try. Unfortunately for Mr Sensitive Hearing in front of us, that was far more frequently than the Springboks or the crowd had been expecting.


I annoyed the old misery guts a bit more in the second half when I clambered over him to go for a piss, but it’s the rugby, there are generally more people in the toilets at Twickenham than there are in their seats.

He left just before the end, hopefully the Springbok defeat being responsible for his scowl rather than anything we’d done. If I see him at a Kloot gig someday I’ll buy him a beer and we can have a chat at the back.

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