Middlesex v Somerset, 28th August 2013

0 - grace gates

I’m getting on for fifty and this was my first visit to Lords. That’s strange really considering I spent a year in London in the mid-eighties and have no doubt had plenty of opportunities since.

Whatever. Jen and I had dropped off our visa applications at the South African Consulate that morning and whilst she headed off for a lunch with a friend I took a cab to the cricket. I got there a few overs before the end of the first session and if I remember rightly it was seventeen quid to get in.

That seems a bit steep for a meaningless end of season county championship fixture, but I suppose it was London, where everything costs that bit more.

I wasn't allowed in that bit.

I wasn’t allowed in that bit.

It was the first day of the game and Somerset were batting. I’d missed the opportunity to see Nick Compton, who was already out, but his fellow former England cricketer Marcus Trescothick seemed well set for a decent score.

Because I know some of you have an interest in scoreboards.

Because I know some of you have an interest in scoreboards.

I had a lamb pie for lunch, with mash I think. It was one of those posh pies that you get at the music festivals. I might have even have gone back for a second. That’s allowed at the cricket though.

Trescothick on strike.

Trescothick on strike.

There wasn’t much of a crowd. The Member’s Pavilion had quite a few people in it and there were a couple of hundred blokes in the stand I was sat in, but that was about it. The stand opposite was just about empty, although as the wicket was right over towards our side that wasn’t really surprising.

I was probably one of the youngest people in the crowd, although there were a smattering of small kids spending the arse end of the school holidays with their grandad.

I can see the attraction of county cricket for retired blokes. You can take your paper, flask and sandwiches and just idle away a day. It’s better than going to work as you are outside and don’t have to pretend to be busy.

Slightly busier over there.

Slightly busier over there.

Runs were scored and wickets fell steadily throughout the afternoon. At the tea interval I had a look around the museum. It’s interesting enough if, like me, you enjoy looking at stuff from the olden days.

I had an ice cream and then cleared off not too long into the final session as we had a train to catch. If you have to go to London for a visa, a trip to Lords makes it a much better day.

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