Jeil High School v Zen, Sunday 14th April 2013, 2pm

icheon practice pitch a

This post is pretty much for the hardcore groundhoppers. Or, I suppose, anyone who googles Jeil High School. Or maybe even Zen.

I’d arrived at Icheon’s stadium for their game against Busan Transportation when I heard shouts and a referee’s whistle coming from a nearby pitch. A closer inspection revealed games were taking place on both Icheon Practice Pitches. Now if that’s not groundhopper heaven I don’t know what is.

Icheon Practice Pitch A

Icheon Practice Pitch A

First up on Icheon Practice Pitch A was a game between Jeil High School and Zen. One team was in red, the other blue. I couldn’t tell you which was which though. What I did find out was that the match was part of the 8th Annual Icheon Tournament, if that’s any use.

There was a sizeable crowd, maybe a hundred or so, most of whom were sat in the stand that ran a fair way along one side. Quite a few of them were in their football togs so I imagine that those fellas were playing later in the day.

About as many fans as at a Seongnam match.

About as many fans as at a Seongnam match.

I watched for a few minutes from behind the goal and because there was nobody to tell me not to, took a few photos with my camera poked through the netting. I rarely get to do that at other games.

From inside the goal.

From inside the goal.

Nothing more to tell you really, except that it was nil-nil when I arrived and still nil-nil when I left a few minutes later. Shortest post ever I suspect.

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