Central Seongam v Eunhye, Saturday 3rd November 2012, 3pm

I feel a bit of a fraud even writing about this one as I only watched about ten minutes of the match. I took a few photos though and in the interests of completeness I may as well post them up. After all, I don’t want to be racking my brains in a few years time trying to recall which was the game with the overweight goalie lying flat-out in his six yard box after making a save with his nuts. If I write it down then there’s a fair chance that I might find it and remember.

I’d been on my way to the Challengers League game between Namyangju United and Seoul Martyrs at the Namyangju Sports Complex when I noticed a match going on at one of the nearby practice pitches. It looked as if there was a tournament taking place as there were plenty of players in the stands and a decent crowd, mainly wives I’d imagine.

I stopped to watch for a few minutes and then with kick-off approaching in the ‘proper’ game I moved on and left them to it. Once the Challengers League game was over I could hear that something was still going on and so this time I went and had a closer look.

Namyangju Sports Complex practice pitch.

It turns out that it was a tournament for local church teams. The game that I’d seen taking place a couple of hours earlier had been one of the qualifying matches and they were now half-way through the final.

Central Seongam, in white, were taking on Eunhye in the blue and black kit. The artificial pitch had a couple of small stands, both on the same touchline and I suppose just really an extension of the manager’s dugouts.

One of the two stands.

There were about eighty people watching, four times the crowd that had just taken in the six-all draw in the Challengers League game fifty yards away. A lot of them will have been player’s wives, urging their blokes on with a fervour that you rarely see from the likes of Victoria Beckham.

The WAG’s took an afternoon off from shopping.

As to the score, I’ve no idea. I watched for about ten minutes and saw a goal at the Eunhye end, possibly helped by the keeper not having fully recovered from effects of his earlier save. It was end to end stuff and Eunhye came close to getting one themselves.

Eunhye on the attack.

The ten minutes that I spent watching were enough for me to see everything I needed to and so I called it a day and made my way back to Yangjeong subway station for the journey home.

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