Doosan Bears v Hanwha Eagles, Monday 24th September 2012, 6.30pm

Baseball on a Monday? Really? Yes, really. The regular season is just about done and the teams are taking any opportunity to play the re-scheduled games that had been cancelled earlier in the year. I could see why Doosan would be keen to give up their day off as they are battling Lotte for the third place spot although I imagine that bottom placed Hanwha would have been less enthusiastic. It’s a long season and when you lose far more than you win then those Monday nights sat at home watching the telly are probably the best of the week.

Kim Seung Hee opened the pitching for Doosan. He did ok, lasting until the eighth innings and conceding just the one run.

Kim Seung Hee – Doosan Bears

Denny Bautista was the starting pitcher for Hanwha. I’d seen him pitch before, but as a closer. It surprised me at that time to see a foreign import being used so sparingly and thought it made a lot more sense for him to have a crack at the opposition right from the start. Bautista did ok as well, giving up two runs in the second innings but then surviving until the end of the seventh without conceding any more.

Denny Bautista – Hanwha Eagles

As far as the interesting stuff off the field goes then the highlight was probably the mid-game drinking beer competition featuring a girl fan from each team. The first one to drink a can of Cass through a straw got the glory and probably the hiccups.

Miss Doosan won.

The other point of note is that Jen and I aren’t the only people who turn up regardless of which teams are playing. There were a couple of fellas to our right who had been at the LG Twins v Nexen game the previous week. They seemed just as fervent in their support of Hanwha as they had been for the Heroes last time out.

They probably think I’m stalking them.

The introduction of the relief pitchers didn’t change the score and by nine o’clock it was all over, Doosan holding on for their 2-1 victory.

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