Doosan Bears v Kia Tigers, Thursday 31st May 2012, 6.30pm

I’ve recently had a bit of feedback. It went along the lines of  “Your blog’s even crappier than normal these days. Can’t you just rattle on about what you had for your tea rather than all that baseball bollocks?”

Most visitors stumble across this place by way of a Google search, ‘Pitchers of bears’ being one of the current favourites, incidentally. It must be a big disappointment when they find a snap of Dustin Nippert chucking a baseball rather than a photo of a couple of cute Grizzly cubs. By my reckoning I’ve only got about four proper readers and so I suppose I can’t really afford to alienate any of them by chuntering on about first basemen that nobody has heard of at the expense of keeping folks up to date on what I’ve been eating.

Pitchers of bears. Sort of.

Thing is though, a blog of what I had for my tea would generally be pretty dull. Not that Korean sport can’t be dull too, but it’s a different kind of dull. Minority interest dull as opposed to everyday life dull. It’s not as if I’m eating still-wriggling snipped off squid legs every night and there’s only so many times that silkworm grubs are going to be on the menu. Once, I suspect, will remain the final total for that one.

It would have been an even worse blog if I’d been writing it as a kid though as in those days I would eat the same thing every night for around a year at a time. I went from hot dogs to date sandwiches to tinned ravioli. Each fad ended as suddenly as it had started and usually left my parents with a cupboard full of food that nobody else was remotely interested in. I’d have sent me back to the Children’s Home if I had been them.

However, I’m an accommodating sort of fella and I’m happy to advise that Jen and I took a bit of a picnic to the baseball game. We had a couple of baguettes (pre-sliced for us in the shop), some of that Edam with the peppers in it and a few slices of cured ham made from acorn-fed pigs that we’d sneaked in from Spain. The ham, that is, not the pigs. I doubt that Customs would be quite that lax and anyway, we live in a fourth floor apartment and keeping livestock is probably frowned upon. We also took a couple of bottles of red wine. For the connoisseurs amongst you, it was top stuff, 13.5%, no bits in it and with screw tops for convenience.

Right, now that I’ve got you all buzzing like four-year old kids eating Skittles it’s time for the usual dull stuff. Doosan, in fourth place, were taking on second to bottom Kia. However, with the exception of Hanwha who are a bit adrift at the foot of the standings, it’s all pretty tight this season. Doosan had won the first two games of the three-game series but if Kia had taken them then it would have been the visitors who would have been in fourth place instead.

Others were having fried chicken for their tea.

Neither starting pitcher was a big name, Doosan’s Lim Tae-hoon and Kia’s Kim Jin Woo usually tending to be relief pitchers. As this is more of a food blog these days I’ll leave it at that for them. The players that most people had come to see were the big hitters, Choi Jun Suk for the home team and Choi Hee Seop aka ‘Big Choi’ for Kia. Both of them look as if they like their grub. I’d guess that Choi Jun Suk probably snacks on a couple of St Bernards to stave off the hunger pangs between meals.

He can certainly move when he has to though.

By the time we’d unscrewed the cap on the first wine bottle Kia were already two runs up, one of them coming from Big Choi. There were lots of away fans near us in the outfield seats, one of whom had managed to partially disguise his Bobby Charlton-style comb-over by staining his napper in the way that people used to do with hard-boiled eggs at Easter until Cadburys put a stop to that sort of nonsense.

We didn’t have anything else to eat after the picnic and so that was about it really for the evening. We cleared off as soon as the wine ran out and when I checked the score the next day it turned out that Kia had won 4-2.

4 Responses to “Doosan Bears v Kia Tigers, Thursday 31st May 2012, 6.30pm”

  1. Says:

    much better

  2. Eric Vinyl Says:

    I love blogs about baseball written by non-North American English speakers. I love blogs about the KBO, but I don’t speak Korean.

    Just a reminder, the singular in baseball is inning. 😉

  3. onthetrailofthelionking Says:

    Thanks again Eric. Inning sounds so wrong, but I’ll try and use it in conversation in future so people think I know what I’m talking about.

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