Jeonju football stadium, Sunday 6th November 2011

Now that I’ve started posting about empty stadiums, there may be no stopping me. This one is Jeonju Stadium, the former home of Jeonbuk Motors until they moved to the World Cup Stadium and before that Jeonbuk Buffalo and Jeonbuk Dinos.

View to the left.

The ground is next door to the baseball stadium and about five minutes walk from the bus station. Once again we just wandered in, this time through the front door and I had a walk around the track and then took a look at one of the goalmouths.

The main stand.

I’d been here about eighteen months ago and watched some locals playing. Too many of them were wearing jeans for me to count it as a proper game, but the fact that the pitch is maintained leaves me hopeful of seeing a match here at some point.

The other end.

For those who like a bit of detail, the stadium has a capacity of thirty thousand and was built in 1980, which makes it positively ancient by Korean standards.  Next time the Japanese invade I’d expect them to loot the goal posts and then burn the place down. It’s normal practice for historical sites like this.

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