SK Wyverns v KIA Tigers, Sunday 29th August 2010, 5pm

I didn’t really have high expectations for this game. The weather had been absolutely atrocious all morning and there were small rivers running down the street outside of my apartment. Incheon, where Sk Wyverns play, is quite a distance from central Seoul though and the weather forecast for there was slightly better.

I’d arranged to meet Jen there, plan A being that we would have a picnic on the grass whilst sitting in the sun watching a bit of baseball. Plan B, if needed, was that we would sit high in the stand drinking beer whilst watching the players dodge on and off the pitch between showers. Either option struck me as being a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

It takes about an hour and a half to get to Munhak and when we arrived it was raining quite heavily. There were a lot of people milling about the entrance to the subway, mainly teenage girls and it turned out that they were attending a concert at the football stadium. I could hear the bands that were low down on the bill and it sounded like the stuff on Galaxy that my daughter tortures me with in the car when I’m home.

I had a wander up to the stadium and it was apparent that the game was off. There was nobody at all visible in the stands and the ticket office was closed. It had obviously been called off quite some time ago. There were plenty of food stalls around the subway entrance so it was on to Plan C. We had a corn dog each and I drank the emergency beers that I was carrying in case of situations like this. Corn dogs, for those who don’t know, are a hot dog that is pushed longways onto a stick and then encased completely in a bread roll. It then has a further layer of breadcrumbs or something on top of that so it resembles one of those hand grenades on a stick that the Germans used to use. The whole thing is deep fried. I know it sounds as if it’s Scottish but I think it’s actually an American snack

After we’d cleared off home I discovered that the website I’d used for the fixtures was wrong and whilst we’d been sat in the rain at Munhak, SK Wyverns had actually been playing a couple of hundred miles or so away in Busan against the Lotte Giants.  Next week I plan to go to the Olympic Stadium on the off-chance that Man Utd might be playing Liverpool when I get there. I’ll take some sandwiches too I think.

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